Too muddy for cyclocross: ICYMI the bizarre turn of events at #CXNats

Just waking up? Here’s what you missed regarding USA Cycling’s Cyclocross Nationals being cancelled:

Too muddy for cyclocross

In a bizarre turn of events, the city of Austin — host of the 2014 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships — cancelled all racing on the day of the Elite events.

Due to unusually wet weather, the city’s Parks and Recreation Department feared running (a fourth day of) cyclocross races would do too much damage to Zilker Park. It was simply “too muddy” and the damage to the course “exceeded the expectations by the city of Austin and Parks and Recreation Department,” stated USA Cycling’s communications manager Kevin Loughery.

What followed was a Social Media outcry as dozens of athletes expressed their frustration with the city of Austin, and many of them vowing to never spend a single penny in that city or the state of Texas again.

Mind you these athletes spend an enormous amount of money, time and energy all season long to get to these championships, and some top athletes’ ticket to the World Championships depend on the outcome of this race.

After a long hour of social media frenzy, complaints and supposedly some pressure from Texas-native Lance Armstrong himself, USA Cycling announced it would reschedule the races for noon tomorrow, a Monday.

So now dozens of athletes are rescheduling their flights, juggling work schedules and many of the working athletes won’t be able to race at all. Not to mention the many spectators who flew out to Austin for the occasion but are scheduled to return to work tomorrow.


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