About Anne-Marije

Short spiel:

FOH-6-03Originally from The Netherlands, Anne-Marije Rook is a multilingual journalist currently residing in beautiful Seattle, Washington, USA.

She has worked in media for well over a decade and has experience in print, radio, online and photo journalism. There are few topics Anne-Marije hasn’t covered, and she’s a voracious consumer of news of all kinds.

Anne-Marije has been published in dozens of publications worldwide and continues to grow her portfolio through freelance work.

Over the years she’s been involved with various non-profits and NGOs, using her skills and media platforms to raise awareness and advocate for active transportation, gender equality, refugees, child soldiers and the environment.

 Anne-Marije currently works as the editor of Ella CyclingTips. Prior to her current position, she was the Communications Director at Cascade Bicycle Club. Read more on LinkedIn.

Anne-Marije’s passions are cycling and traveling. She’s an outspoken active transportation advocate, an elite bike racer as well as cycling coach and mentor.