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FOH-6-03Originally from The Netherlands, Anne-Marije Rook is a multilingual journalist currently residing in beautiful Seattle, Washington, USA.

She has worked in media for 10 years and has experience in print, radio, online and photo journalism. She’s been published in well over a dozen publications and continues to grow her portfolio through freelance work. Anne-Marije currently works as the editor of Ella CyclingTips.

Over the years she’s been involved with various non-profits and NGOs, using her skills and media platforms to raise awareness and advocate for active transportation, gender equality, refugees, child soldiers and the environment. Prior to her current position, Anne-Marije was the Communications Director at Cascade Bicycle Club. Read more on LinkedIn.

Anne-Marije’s passion is cycling. She’s an outspoken active transportation advocate, an avid bike commuter, an elite bike racer as well as cycling coach and mentor.

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